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Ko te aha tēnei rā? – What day is this?

Ko te aha tēnei rā? – What day is this?

Te Reo Māori in English-medium schools

Achievement objective

1.3 Communicate about number, using days of the week, months and dates.

Learning intentions

Students can:

  • specify the date.


At the end of this lesson, students can:

Mātakitaki - Viewing: Interpret meanings that are conveyed in combinations of words and images or symbols.

Kōrero - Speaking: Respond appropriately to simple, familiar instructions and simple questions.

Whakaatu - Presenting: Use selected features of visual language to add meaning to simple written or oral text.


Resource sheet 1D Ngā rā o te wiki

Te reo Māori in English-medium schools

  • HKRCL-A1-Resource-sheet-1D-Nga-ra-o-te-wiki.doc
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Resource sheet 1E Ngā marama o te tau Māori

Te Reo Māori in English-medium schools

  • HKRCL-A1-Resource-sheet-1E-Nga-marama-o-te-tau-Maori.doc
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Lesson sequence

At the start of each school day, ask the class what day it is. Encourage them to answer using the names on Resource sheet 1D: Ngā rā o te wiki.

Ko te aha tēnei rā? What day is this?
Ko te Rāhina tēnei rā. Today is Monday.
Ko te Rāhina tēnei rā, te 8 o Kohitātea. It is Monday today, the eighth of January.


The forms of the days and months used in this activity are favoured by the Māori Language Commission.

The Māori New Year (Matariki) is in June (Pipiri), so the Māori calendar attached (as Resource sheet 1E: Ngā marama o te tau) begins in the month of Pipiri.

Further learning

Allocate students the job of asking the daily question about the date. Each week, a different student takes the role of asking what day it is in the morning.

Create a ‘day of the week’ corner on the wall. Create large flash cards with the days of the week on each one, laminate them, and place velcro on the backs so that the students can place them in the blank space on the statement ‘Ko te ___________ tēnei rā’.

This activity could be extended by introducing the names of the months listed on Resource sheet 1E: Ngā marama o te tau Māori.

Ko te aha tēnei marama? What month is this?
Ko Haratua tēnei marama. This month is May/It is May.

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