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He mahi – A job

He mahi – A job

Te Reo Māori in English-medium schools

Achievement objective

4.2  Communicate about plans for the immediate future.

Learning intention

Students can:

  • communicate intentions to achieve a goal.


At the end of this lesson, students can:

Kōrero – Speaking: Give short prepared talks on familiar topics. 

Tuhituhi – Writing: Use resources (for example, dictionaries and glossaries) to experiment with new language and to review writing for accuracy.

Lesson sequence

In this task, the students develop a poster about their dream job or occupation. They will incorporate the specific school subjects they would need to pursue and other further training.

Further points for consideration include: relocation for the purposes of training or finding their job; and obtaining equipment, plant or job-specific clothing.

Ask each student to write the main points of what they will need to do to get their dream job, using the construction ‘Ka (verb) au’. Have the students present their posters to the class, or to a small group. Note that in this exercise the focus is on future action indicated in the word ‘ka’.

Language to use

Nouns (occupations)


Other vocabulary

kaiako teacher tītohu diploma
kaiwaiata singer kuratini polytechnic
roia lawyer kākahu papai good clothes
kaihanga whare builder Whakaata Māori Māori Television
kaituhi writer    
rata doctor    
kaikanikani dancer    
kaipāpāho broadcaster    
kaihautū waka driver    
nēhi nurse    
whare wānanga university    

Example captions for posters

Ka ako au i te reo Māori me ngā kaupapa pāpāho i te kura. 
I will study the Māori language and media studies at school.

Ka nuku au ki Rotorua. 
I will move to Rotorua.

Ka uru au ki te Tītohu Pāpāho Māori i te Kuratini o Waiariki. 
I will enroll in the Māori Diploma of Media Studies at Waiariki Polytechnic.

Ka nuku au ki Tāmaki-makau-rau, ka hoko i ngā kākahu papai.
I will move to Auckland and buy quality clothes.

Ka mahi au hei kaipāpāho i Whakaata Māori! 
I will work as a presenter on Māori Television!

Other resources

Ministry of Education. (2005). Kia kama 4 He pukapuka kape matua. (p.12). Wellington: Huia (NZ) Ltd.

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