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He kuini tāu? – Have you got a queen?

He kuini tāu? – Have you got a queen?

Te Reo Māori in English-medium schools

Achievement objective

2.2 Communicate about possession.

Learning intentions

Students can:

  • ask if someone has something
  • state their ownership/possession of something.


At the end of this lesson, students can:

Whakarongo – listening: Get the gist of slightly more complex sentences or less familiar te reo Māori phrases and sentences.

Kōrero – speaking: Respond appropriately to simple, familiar instructions and simple questions.

Mātakitaki – viewing: Respond appropriately to meanings conveyed through selected visual texts.


Playing cards (one pack for every five students)

Resource sheet 2B Ngā kāri

Te Reo Māori in English-medium schools

  • Resource-sheet-2B-Nga-kari.doc
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Lesson sequence

Explain to the students that this is the Māori version of the card game ‘Fish’.

Review the Māori numbers from two to nine, and introduce the Māori words for jack, king and queen. Have them get into groups of five students and give each group a copy of Resource sheet 2B: Ngā kāri (cards).

Distribute one pack of cards to each group and ask one student to deal five cards to each player. Tell the students to take turns asking other players in their group, ‘He __________ tāu?’

He kuini tāu? Have you got a queen?
Kāore. Kāore aku kuini. No. I haven’t got a queen.

If the answer is no, that student picks a card up from the centre. It is now the next player’s turn.

If the answer is yes, they win that card and form a pair, placing the pair in front of them. They can now ask another question, for example:

He toru tāu? Have you got a three?
Āe. Yes.

The students continue asking questions until all cards have been matched into pairs. The student with the most pairs wins.

If necessary, demonstrate the question by writing it on the board, leaving a space for the name of the card:

He _______ tāu? Have you got a ______?
Kāo. No.
E hoa, e hia ō huinga rua? Friend, how many pairs do you have?
E waru aku huinga rua! I have eight pairs!
Kotahi taku huinga rua. I have one pair.


Language to use

Ngā kāri – The cards
hai ace ono 6 hakī jack
rua 2 whitu 7 kuini queen
toru 3 waru 8 kīngi king
whā 4 iwa 9    
rima 5        


He hai tāu? Do you have an ace?


Āe. Yes.
There are several words for no in Māori.
E kāo. No.
Kāore. No.
Karekau. No.
E hē. No.
Horekau. No.


Break tāu into two syllables – a long ‘tā’ followed by a shorter ‘u’. Then bring the two together, tā-u.

Use ‘tāhau’ for ‘tāu’ if it is used by the local iwi.

Further learning

Extend the response by saying ‘Yes, I have a _____’. 'Ae, he _____ tāku.'

Āe, he kuini tāku. Yes, I have a queen.
He whā tāku. I have a four.
He pene tāku. I have a pen.

Use the question as a basis for asking if a student has other items:

He pene tāu? Do you have a pen?
He pukapuka tāu? Do you have a book?
He pātai tāu? Do you have a question?

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