Te Reo Māori and Māori Medium Providers Information

Mon 23 March 20

 Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga values the work that you are doing to enhance and strengthen our education sector, our workforce and the learning needs of our ākonga.

As we all deal with the challenges of COVID 19, we know that everyone is playing their part in keeping safe, being sensible and staying calm.

We are fully committed to supporting you to continue your service provision through alternative methods.

Check out Kauwhata Reo for the latest updates, or email for specific queries.

Māori Medium Providers

Do I still get paid?

Yes we will continue all payments for the remainder of this financial year as per the schedule on all current contracts. We cannot provide any indication at this stage to the services expected to be delivered in the next financial year.

We understand that there remains some uncertainty around the work and services for the next financial year.  We will continue to provide further information around this work as it progresses on Kauwhata Reo, and

We’ve also provided a flow chart regarding payments, which you can view here

If you still require further support please contact us at

Am I still able to go in to schools?

No, there must be no face to face visits with schools, kura or tumuaki until further notice, as they will be concentrating on supporting their kura and communities. We will continue to update you through Kauwhata Reo.


Given the current restrictions for contacting kura and schools how can I continue to deliver the services as per my contractual obligation?

As we understand and appreciate the exceptional circumstances we are all working in, we still have an expectation the services you have been contracted to deliver continue. We do, however, understand that some services will require alternative delivery methods. Please share your alternative delivery methods with the Ministry to review and agree to a way forward.


Are our timeframes and deliverables going to be changed or reconsidered?

We expect that all schedules remain as stated in the contracts and that alternative means of delivery are investigated. If you are unable to deliver some aspects of your PLD support we need you to provide the Ministry a reviewed milestone timeframe for consideration. We request that you reconsider how your services can still be delivered using alternative delivery methods. We will continue to keep you updated through Kauwhata Reo as this work continues to develop.


Am I still able to access kaiako (workforce) to support the delivery of the services I have been contracted to deliver?

No. At this stage due to the current nature of these circumstances no contact with Tumuaki, kaiako or kura is allowed at this time. Should this change we will keep you updated through Kauwhata Reo at such time Tumuaki will need to be contacted in the first instance to ensure that access to kaiako is still viable.


Can we still meet for hui of any sorts under my contractual obligations?

You cannot meet in person.  We encourage connecting through online communication and conferencing platforms such as Skype, Google hangouts and Zoom.


My contract is due to end in the next few months will this be extended?

If this applies to you contact us at