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Tirotiro whenua - Looking at the land

Tirotiro whenua - Looking at the land

Te Reo Māori in English-medium schools

Achievement objective

7.1 Communicate about future plans.

Learning intentions

Students can:

  • plan an itinerary for tourists
  • write a letter informing a person of an intended itinerary.


At the end of this lesson, students can:

Pānui – Reading: Understand much of what is written about a range of topics across a range of text types.

Tuhituhi – Writing: Begin to use language to entertain and persuade as well as inform.


Resource sheet 7D - Tirotiro whenua

Te Reo Māori in English-medium schools

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Lesson sequence

Copy this scenario to OHT or write up on the board. 


You work for a travel agency that organises group tours. You have received a letter from your grandparents who live in Australia. They wish to tour Aotearoa and want to visit mainly Māori tourist attractions. They have asked you to arrange a two week itinerary for them. 

Hand out Resource sheet 7D: Tirotiro whenua to the students.

Ask the students to organise a tour itinerary for their grandparents that meets these criteria:

  • They will visit at least six different locations, including at least two in Te Waipounamu.
  • You will need to consider costs.
  • Your grandparents will borrow a car from whānau so there is no need to organise transport.
  • They arrive on a Friday and will stay for two weeks.

When they have finished, ask the students to write a letter to their grandparents, attaching the itinerary.

Suggested language focus Suggested vocabulary Notes
Future tense    
kei te … kei te haere kōrua?  
ka … ka mutu te mahi, ka …  
Giving opinions    
ki ki ahau nei  
mōku mōku tonu nei  
hei hei tā ētahi  
e ai ki e ai ki te kōrero  
Giving reasons    
he pai he pai atu pea kia haere ki Ngāmotu  
kāre pea e pai kia… he ____ nō ____ kāre pea e pai kia roa tō kōrua noho ki reira,  
  he nui nō te utu  
i te mea    
nō te mea    
tā te mea tā te mea he uaua mōku te piki maunga  
otirā otirā he pai tonu ina tokoiti ngā tāngata  
heoi anō    
tēnā pea tēnā pea ka noho kē ahau ki Rotorua  
Time statements    
ā te … ā te ahiahi pō  
hei te … hei te ata o te 16  
pō rua atu pō rua atu ka noho kōrua ki  
Nominalisation ā te taenga atu …  
When tae atu ana …  
ka haere mā Taupō  
  haere mā runga waka  


Use the Internet to research tourism sites; access pamphlets and other information from travel agencies. Discuss local Māori tourist ventures.


The itinerary can be explained orally.

Other resources

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