How Much?

Reporting measure description  


23 September 2016 (Milestone 2)

How much?

1x reviewed and finalised Ngā Kete Kōrero framework ready for online publication


Estimated date of completion:

18 November 2016


A total of 456 texts for the 19 levels from KHa.KHe to Muka (previously known as Miro) were individually assessed. A total of 23 texts were recommended to be de-commissioned leaving a balance of 433 texts to be been included in the refined Ngā Kete Kōrero Framework.

This Framework is nearly ready for online publication in English and Māori and includes:

  1. Mihi
  2. Explanation of the refinement of Ngā Kete Kōrero Levelling Framework
  3. Exemplars: Description and list for each of the levels
  4. Guidelines for Placing Texts Into the Framework
  5. Guidelines for Selecting Texts for Assessment

See Appendix 1 for the English version and Appendix 2 for the Māori version of the guidelines.

Note we are waiting on feedback from the QA process and will submit the final English and Māori versions of the Framework under separate cover. We are also awaiting the final proof of the icons after we asked the designer to make further changes to one of the icons. The updated version will also be sent with the finalised Framework.

We have also created a spreadsheet with the following information:

1.       A list and description of all texts considered in the refinement process.

2.       Texts to be considered for inclusion in the revised Framework

The remaining tabs in the spreadsheet relate to 2. Immediately above.

1.       Texts with no changes required (32% of texts)

  1. Texts requiring just a change in level (33% of texts)
  2. Texts requiring other changes to be fit for purpose (35% of texts)

See Appendix 3.

Having this information publicly available on TKI as a downloadable spreadsheet is contingent upon the resourcing decisions made by the Ministry in light of this analysis.

How much?

1x set of recommendations to fill gaps for future resource production


Date of completion:

26 September 2016



A set of guidelines to inform future resource production s has been produced with the recommendation that they be made available as hardcopy to the Māori-medium panel with contracts for resource reproduction (where texts are reprinted) or production (in the case of new texts).

Feedback from writers and publishers gathered during this final milestone phase have been incorporated into these guidelines.

See How Well? for a  summary of the feedback.

How much?

1x set of guidelines for future text levelling (ready for online publication)




This is included in the guidelines (See Appendices 1 and 2).


How much?

1x set recommendations for a process to manage notification (to the sector) of re-levelled texts


Estimated date of completion: by 18 November 2016


Every Ministry of Education funded text/title to support Ngā Kete Kōrero Framework (no. = 456) has been analysed by the Refinement Group. The working total reduces to 433 with the removal of the 23 texts identified to be de-commissioned. Analysis of the 433 texts follows.


No or minor changes required

141/433 or 32% of texts require no changes to be made

144/433 or 33% of texts require a level change only

136/433 or 31% of texts require additional minor changes. These are mainly related to:

·         Additions or deletions of text

·         The glossary (mainly replacing English explanations with Māori ones)

·         Punctuation and spelling

·         Grammar

This means that 96% of texts require no or minor changes.  These texts should be given priority in any intended resourcing decisions.

See Appendix 3a for an extract from the Texts with no changes worksheet

See Appendix 3b for an extract from the Texts with level changes only worksheet

See Appendix 3c for an extract from Texts with minor changes worksheet

See Appendix 3d for an extract from Texts with major changes worksheet

The full record of the worksheets mentioned above are available in the e-copy that accompanies this milestone report


The balance of texts mostly require changes to illustrations.

Recommended process

The process to manage notification (to the sector) of re-levelled texts can be achieved through a combination of direct comms from the Ministry to schools/kura, and indirect comms via the Gazette and TKI.   

Ngā Kete Kōrero Refinement group recommends the Ministry of Education funds the production of adhesive stickers in the first instance to replace the current kete levels on titles currently being used in schools/kura. We believe that this ‘transition’ would be best facilitated via direct support to clusters of schools/kura nationally through a series of workshops. There is at least one school/kura we are aware of that has exemplary practice around Ngā Kete Kōrero resource management whose example could form the blueprint for other schools/kura to follow.

Any subsequent reprints of individual titles or new texts for the Framework should include the new icon.