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He inu māu? – Would you like a drink?

He inu māu? – Would you like a drink?

Te reo Māori in English-medium schools

Achievement objective

4.1  Request, offer, accept and decline things, invitations and suggestions.

Learning intentions

Students can:

  • stipulate food/drink requests
  • list ingredients
  • offer food/drink.


At the end of this lesson, students can: 

Whakarongo Whakarongo - Listening: Understand specific details in contexts that may contain some unfamiliar language.

Kōrero Kōrero - Speaking: Engage in short personal conversations.

Tuhituhi Tuhituhi - Writing: Write short texts on familiar topics.


  • Smoothie and milkshake ingredients (optional)
Resource sheet 4G Ngā inu

Te Reo Māori in English-medium schools

  • HKRCL-A11-Resource-sheet-4G-Nga-inu.doc
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Resource sheet 4H Ngā kai

Te Reo Māori in English-medium schools

  • HKRCL-A11-Resource-sheet-4H-Nga-kai.doc
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Lesson sequence

Explain to the students that they will each take turns at asking their classmates what drink they would like from a set menu. They will also discuss the recipe for their chosen drink.

Have one student pretend to offer a menu of drinks to three or four classmates. Alternatively, the class could make real drinks. The suggested drinks are listed on Resource sheet 4G: Ngā inu.

The student could offer the drinks by passing the ‘menu’ to the group and saying:

He inu māu? Would you like a drink?

If the answer is ‘āe’, he or she will then ask:

He aha tō hiahia? He hua rākau hanumi, he tiakarete tio, he miraka whakaranu rānei?

What would you like? A fruit smoothie, an iced chocolate or a milkshake?

Each student chooses a drink from the menu.

He miraka whakaranu. E hiahia ana au ki te miraka whakaranu.

A milkshake. I would like a milkshake.

Using Resource sheet 4H: Ngā kai, ask the students to discuss the ingredients that might be used in the recipe for their drink.

He aha ngā kai i roto i tō inu?

What are the ingredients in your drink?

He panana, he maramara tiakarete me te aihikīrimi.

A (or some) banana, some chocolate flakes and ice-cream.

They could then submit a full list of ingredients for the recipe of their chosen drink.

Language to use

Ngā pātai me ngā whakautu Questions and answers
 He inu māu? Would you like a drink?
 Āe.  Yes.
 Kāore.  No.
He aha tō hiahia?

 What would you like?
He aha ngā kai i roto i tō inu?  What are the ingredients in your drink?
Ngā kai Ingredients
miraka milk
miraka tepe  yoghurt
aihikirīmi ice cream
tio  ice
maramara tiakarete  chocolate flakes
panana  banana
aperikota  apricot
rōpere  strawberry
āporo  apple
ārani  orange
mango  mango
riritoki  passionfruit
Ngā inu The drinks
huarākau hanumi fruit smoothie
miraka whakaranu milkshake
tiakarete tio iced chocolate


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