Website improvements

Wed 13 April 22

We have made some improvements to the Kauwhata Reo website. You should notice it is faster to browse the site, and view pages and resources. 

Here are the key improvements: 

  • It is faster and easier to auto play and listen to ePubs using our online reader. 
  • You can listen to Audio files on the site instead of needing to download them. 
  • There are multiple improvements to the display of resources and their content across the website. 

A full list of improvements is included at the bottom of this page.  

We're committed to ensuring that you can find, access, and use the growing number of resources that we host here on Kauwhata Reo. We are currently developing website help documentation with tips to help you get the best out of Kauwhata Reo. You can view them as they are published here.

If you have questions or require assistance, please send an email to the Kauwhata Reo team. 

Full list of improvements

The following resource display improvements have been made, and issues resolved: 

  • Embedded/nested resources now display properly 
  • ePub files now load and play in the online reader 
  • Audio files now play on Kauwhata Reo 
  • Resource thumbnails now display on all resource cards 
  • All images with links now display working links 
  • Buttons across the site now display properly
  • We added our translation tool (Paekupu) to the new Kaupapa Landing Page types. 

Website speed improvements 

  • Fixed an issue where a memory overload could prevent pages loading.