Te Aho Ngārahu – fostering te reo Māori through localised curriculum resources

Mon 20 July 20

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The 2020 funding round is currently open for applications and closes 20 August at 5pm

About Te Aho Ngārahu

Te Aho Ngārahu was established in 2017 as an initiative to improve the access to quality te reo Māori localised curriculum resources to support ākonga, kaiako and Kāhui Ako learning in and through te reo Māori in both Māori medium and English medium settings.

The annual fund for Te Aho Ngārahu was increased to $3.4 million in Budget 2020.

The meaning of Te Aho Ngārahu

Te Aho Ngārahu is the bright burning ember at the base of the ashes of te ahi kā, the home fire. Before the home fire burns down completely, a light breeze is brought to the final ember, reigniting the flames to burn brightly anew.

Hence with this project, the breeze of our communities is being brought to the burning embers of our stories, re-igniting the flames of our peoples’ values and learning, to create warmth for our learners and teachers of te reo Māori.

Our approach

Te Aho Ngārahu uses an approach where story ideas are sought through a Request for Stories application process.

The selected stories and respective storytellers then work with one of our te reo Māori curriculum and resource developers to co-develop the stories into te reo Māori education resources.


The intended outcomes of Te Aho Ngārahu are:

  • increased availability and use of localised te reo Māori resources
  • increased availability and use of curriculum resources to support the teaching and learning of NZ histories
  • wider public appreciation, increased awareness and deeper understanding of te reo Māori and local histories
  • strengthened  relationships and partnerships between the Ministry and whānau, hapū, iwi and local communities
  • learning programmes supported by quality te reo Māori localised resources.

To apply

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The Process

What you need to know about the Te Aho Ngārahu process is outlined in the steps below.

Request for Story Ideas

Every year Te Aho Ngārahu will put out a Request for Stories ideas The story application form will ask for the following information:

  • An outline of the story idea;
  • The primary target audience group within the ages of 0-18 years old;
  • Key messages that ākonga, kaiako, whānau and hapū will take from this story;
  • How the story will be produced. For example, an audio story, a graphic novel, an online video or a multi-media web story;
  • A curriculum resource developer from the Ministry’s Māori Medium provider panel. They will help you to co-develop your story into a te reo Māori education resource;
  • Contact information.
Apply here for Te Aho Ngārahu story applications


All stories will be assessed by an evaluation panel. Panel members are selected prior to the round opening, we ensure the panel comprise a cross-section of advisors with expertise and knowledge in supporting ākonga, kaiako learning in and through te reo Māori in both Māori medium and English medium settings as well as expertise and knowledge in working with whānau, hapū, iwi and communities.

The panel will assess the applications against the priorities and evaluation criteria and will decide on a shortlist.


We will email everyone once the final decisions are made on the applications. It may take up to 6 – 8 weeks from the time the round closes for you to be informed about your application. 

Once an application is approved our advisors will meet with you to:

  • better understand your aspirations and aims for the proposed story and resource
  • clarify the process of Te Aho Ngārahu in more detail and ready you for the next steps
  • confirm the curriculum resource developer you will work with
  • discuss the roles, relationships and responsibilities of the storyteller, the Ministry of Education and the curriculum resource developer

This phase also involves establishing formal agreements between you, the storyteller, and us the Ministry of Education. 

The agreements set out the expectations between the two parties. Specifically it:

  • Confirms the commitment to develop the story into a resource;
  • Ensures the intellectual property of the story idea remains with the storyteller;
  • Allows the Ministry to use the story in the resource for a set period of time in exchange for a fee.

Request for Proposals

Once agreements between the storyteller and the Ministry are established we will connect you with your confirmed curriculum resource developer so that you can work together on a full proposal to develop the resource.

The proposal will:

  • Describe in detail the resource/s that will be created from the story.
  • Include a budget with a cost breakdown.
  • Include key personnel and their roles.
  • Outline timeframes with key deliverables for the project.

All proposals will go through our standard review and recommendations process.  Once approved, we will send a Statement of Work (contract) to develop the resource to the curriculum resource developer.

The contract is directly with the curriculum resource development provider as they will be leading and managing the development and production of the resource. It is a requirement in this step of the process that a co-publishing between the curriculum resource developer and storyteller be established. This agreement will ensure that both parties are consulting with one another throughout the development and production of the resource.

Curriculum Resource Development Providers

We have a number of curriculum resource developers who you can work with to co-develop your resource.

Our Providers

Cognition Education Ltd 

Huia (NZ) Limited 

Massey University 

CORE Education Ltd 

Kiwa Digita 

Victoria University 

Te Amokura Productions 

Māui Studios 

Kia Ata Mai Trust 

Hana Limited

TupuOra Education and Development Ltd

Kia Rewa Foundation Charitable Trust